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Get A Leak-Free Flat Roof That Can Pay For Itself With Roof Restoration

Why do building owners choose roof restoration over roof replacement?
Costs 50-70% Less Than Roof Replacement
Reduces Your Energy Bill By 20-30%
100% Tax Deductible In Year 1

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"Monarch Enterprises is a great company to work with. Conrad is very knowledgeable about roofing, and always makes sure things get done right."

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"​Conrad and his crew are a great company to work with. Don't hesitate to call them for all your Commercial roofing needs."

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"Conrad is a detail-oriented individual who will spend the time necessary to get the installation details done correctly which is what ultimately determines the longevity of a roofing system. I certainly recommend Monarch Enterprises for your project."

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Why choose Monarch Enterprises over the other guys?

Monarch Enterprises provides quality commercial roofing services throughout West Virginia. We are here to help you through the process from start to finish. Our team of courteous professionals, with over 5 years of commercial roofing experience, look forward to going the extra mile to be sure that you are satisfied with your roof.

When you hire Monarch Enterprises to repair or replace your roof, you can expect an upfront and detailed explanation of every aspect of the solution we will provide. We understand that clear communication is important to maintain our relationship with you and our stellar reputation.
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Conrad's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“I started Monarch Enterprises with a simple goal in mind – provide only the best roofing services to building owners and business owners throughout West Virginia. That meant using only the highest-quality materials, providing the best customer service possible, and ensuring the job was done right every single time.

Since our beginnings, our pursuit of excellence and dedication to quality have made for some very happy long-term clients.

Today, I make the following promise to you…

When you choose Monarch Enterprises for your commercial roofing needs, I’ll personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction and see to it that all of your expectations are met and exceeded.

If you are anything but thrilled with the service you receive, I encourage you to contact me and I will make it right. Our clients are a part of our family and deserve only the best. We will do everything we can to make sure Monarch Enterprises is the last commercial roofing contractor you will ever need.”


Conrad Miller, Owner and Founder
Monarch Enterprises

Flat Roof Giving You Problems?
Don’t Despair…

We’re Shouting The Solution From The Rooftops!

Flat roofs notoriously love to leak due to inadequate drainage, and this only becomes more apparent as your roof gets older. Heat, wind, or storms may have caused irreversible damage to the original seams and screws, widening the path to further deterioration and leakage. You may be tempted to simply say enough is enough, rip off the old roof, and wave goodbye to a large chunk of money.​
But wait! There is a better way, and it doesn’t include costly tear-off, lengthy installation, and business interruption. The solution is simple. Extend the life of your flat roof with a durable, seamless, waterproof, liquid-applied membrane.
The team at Monarch Enterprises can take your decades-old, inefficient, leaky roof, and create a watertight protectional barrier, restoring your roof to optimal functionality.
Before Commercial Roof Restoration
After Commercial Roof Restoration
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Get A Free Ballpark Estimate In 60 Seconds
With Our Easy to Use Calculator Tool!

How will you save with Roof Restoration?

Get A Free Ballpark Estimate In 60 Seconds
With Our Easy to Use Calculator Tool!

The Simple Solution to Flat Roof Problems

Commercial Roof Restoration is the fastest growing roofing sector in America for a reason.

Installation Savings​

Commercial Roof Restoration can be performed on most traditional roof substrates. Tear-off, land-fill fees, reconstruction, and long facility disruptions are eliminated.

UV Solar Shield

Commercial Roof Restoration has superior resistance to UV degradation than most traditional roofing materials.

Corrosion Barrier

Commercial Roof Restoration provides a reliable corrosion barrier for your roof, protecting it from adverse weather conditions, moisture, and deterioration.

Seamless Wind Protection

Once all joints, fasteners, and leaks are made watertight, layers of the fluid-applied membrane base and finish coats are applied as seamless wind and water barriers.

Climate Stability

Once cured, the fluid-applied membrane retains its flexible, watertight superiority in extremes of heat or cold, and dry or wet conditions.

State Of The Art Technology

Proprietary formulations enhance key properties of roof restoration systems for strength, UV deterioration, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and longevity.
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How is commercial roof restoration different than commercial roof replacement?
Commercial roof replacement can be expensive regarding labor and materials, specifically if the original roof needs to be removed. Commercial roof restoration, on the other hand, is much more affordable. Commercial roof restoration saves you time and money but will also add more life to your current roof. Restoring your roof also allows you to be more sustainable and not add more materials to a landfill. Restoration also provides tax benefits as it’s considered a maintenance expense and not a capital expense.
Can I restore my commercial roof more than once?
Yes, you can restore your commercial roof more than once. It just depends on how long since you fixed it initially, as more commercial roofing can last for at least ten years before needing to be restored.
How does commercial roof restoration save me money?
A commercial roof restoration is usually half the cost of a complete roof replacement; that’s why it can be essential to get a quote for roof restoration to compare. Along with saving you money, roof restoration also saves you a significant amount of time since you’re eliminating the need to tear off your entire roof. This can make things complicated for businesses who usually need to be closed for a complete roof replacement, where with the roof restoration, the company can go on as usual. You can also get the built-in energy-saving coating on the top of your roof to save you money in the long run. You can also get sections of your roof reinforced to help with longevity. We also offer a warranty with our restoration to keep you set for years to come.
What types of roofing systems is commercial roof restoration suitable for?
There are many types of chemical materials for roofs suitable for roof restoration, including acrylic, butyl, silicone, and urethane, to name a few. Metal, built-in, modified bitumen, PVC, TPO, EPDM, concrete, and spray polyurethane foam roofs can work with many of the chemicals used for roof restoration.
How long does commercial roof restoration take vs. roof replacement?
The time it takes to replace your roof is 2-3 times slower than it would take to restore your roof. Choosing to replace your roof completely takes way more labor because of all the steps a person must take to rebuild your roof. Professionals also must install waterproofing to protect your space while your roof is being replaced each day which takes up more energy and time. To do the work of replacing a roof also requires heavy roofing equipment to lift, tear things off, and rebuild.
Does roof restoration stop leaks?
A well-applied roof restoration is the best way to seal roof leaks. It can be applied to just about any surface, and it will display excellent durability while adapting to weather conditions. Our roof restoration systems have been tested and proven over the years in the field to withstand some of the most serious storms mother nature can throw our way.
How much can I save in energy costs?
Just as wearing white or light-colored clothes can help you stay cooler on a sunny day, a reflective roof restoration can keep a building cooler and lower the load on the air conditioning unit, reducing cooling costs. A study performed by the California Energy Commission also found that a reflective roof can reduce a building’s energy use by as much as 20%, which results in major savings as well.
Do I have to close my business during the roof restoration process?
No need to close your business! Unlike traditional roof replacement, we can spray-on the roof restoration on top of your existing flat roof. This can be big savings in labor costs and disposal fees. Tearing-off your roof will require you to stop doing business, but with our roof restoration program, we just need to go on your roof and spray away.
Is roof restoration tax-deductible?
Yes! You can deduct 100% of your roof restoration in Year 1 under IRS Section 179.

Get A Free Ballpark Estimate In 60 Seconds
With Our Easy to Use Calculator Tool!

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